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A cannabis enthusiast for over 15 years, he has grown to love all that cannabis has to offer.

Having fun mixing up some of his favorite Genetics with various unique traits.

Currently he is in the early F1 stages with most of his current crosses, so expect there to be lots of In-Tents Phenos to choose from.

His current goal is to share these In-Tents Genetix with those whom want to experience the hunt.

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A new kid on the block, started in 2022 and based in Alberta, Canada. Hosting a wide range of cuts from the frostiest 35% THC strains to old school Skunk and Amnesia Haze. These guys like to combine old with new, the rare with exotics and then take on big hunts to hopefully find that next big thing!

While starting small with your support thing can keep things moving. Their debut offering is the Black line which is bred with their killer cut of Tropicana Cookies f2 by Oni Cookies.

Coming up is some beautiful and insanely frosty Copy Cat lines in the works as well as a Tiki cut line. Also home to an insane Garlic Punch cut that gives 35% returns on pressing or washing. You can find that crossed with the Black cut below. Probably the heaviest THC in the offering. Look for the purple GMO pheno!

These strains will be great for the pheno hunters out there as they are yet to be stabilized with subsequent generations. If you are lucky enough to find THAT purple Trop Cookies pheno, you will most certainly know it.

underground logo.jpg

From the underground network comes Underground genetics. They hid in plain sight. We expect big things to come from these guys.

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Looking for quality cannabis seeds from a trusted breeder? Then look no further you’re in the right place. At Little House Genetics, Rich Dean offers you unique and quality cannabis seeds that meet and exceed your expectations. Rich prides himself on providing you with high quality cannabis seeds and prices anyone can afford. Rich although modest is among one of the oldest and top gorilla cannabis breeders in the world. Rich also hosts an annual New Year’s Eve Pollen Thon Show on his YouTube channel Little House Genetics. 

"GRC Genetics"


The Sugar Cane that was used for breeding is from InHouse Genetics. Gorilla Punch and Platinum Rambo are from Tarantula Genetics, Early Lemon Berry are from Ethos Genetics, Blue Gelato 41 is from Barney's Farm

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