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My Story

        My name is Travis Queary. I’m 39 years old and live in Queensbury NY. I grew up in Croghan, NY home of Croghan bologna. I have been in Queensbury since Jan 2013. I am currently a stay at home dad. I have 4 kids, 3 which are biologically mine and 1 foster child who we are starting the adoption process for on May 18th. I have been separated from my wife for a little over a year now. My past choices have shaped my future and I’m trying hard to provide for my kids.

        I started out smoking Marijuana as a teen. Shortly out of high school I was pulled over with a friend in the vehicle who when questioned told the cops we had smoked a bowl in the vehicle. I was charged with a Driving While Ability Impaired, possession, and sales. Because of this life changing event I was put on probation.  From there I switched to drinking alcohol because i was being tested weekly. The next 10 years of my life were a disaster. 4 DUI's, 3 rehabs, 2 halfway houses, 2 drug court programs. Finally on Jan 14th I could say I have 9 years of sobriety from alcohol and that only my oldest has saw me drink.

        Due to my past I am banned for life from driving making getting to employment tough. I have been claiming unemployment since October 2021 and have yet to receive a payment. Having 4 kids being a single dad and trying to manage their lives and mine not being able to drive, is one very stressful and two costly. I decided in Jan to attend Erie Community College for Computer Networking and Support which I chose to try and benefit myself to try and work from home.

        I have recently started an in-home garden which I have pieced together from various things I found around the house. Starting 3 seeds, I starting out in a cardboard box with a lamp attached to it. Then I added a few grow bulbs to my Walmart delivery order. With the start of this came research and excitement as I watched them grow. I needed to upgrade so I had an ice shanty I set up as a tent roughly 4x4x5. I purchased 3 lights from Amazon which I have reached out to them to find out the email and phone number on the receipt and manual I received is not valid. The soil I am using comes from my old employer that I worked lawn maintenance and repair for. He has been in the lawn care/greenhouse business for 40+ years.

        During this process I have gained a passion and excitement for plant development and research. Testing and experimenting with new techniques and equipment as I go. From this new passion comes this site and business. Happy Plantz because that's what this has done for me. It has lessened my anxiety and depression allowing me to focus on whats important for myself and my family.

        My journey this far has been easy compared to the rest of my life. What better fit for a motto than Growing Made Easy. This could not have been accomplished without help from others. It started out with basic care and help on my journey from Owner of Proper Seeds Canada. From there he made the possibilities look endless. With his help I can now offer Copycat Genetics at a fraction of the going rate.

        Hopefully by April 1st 2022 there will be Lost Coast Plant Therapy Products followed by grove bags and the list goes on and on. I'm excited to "Grow" with you all.

Update: on the Grove Bags I can get them but can't post them. If your in need message me i'm looking to have 1/4oz 1/2oz 1oz 1/4lb and 1lb.

4/4/22 Update: Today I had the privilege of meeting        AJ Hagadone. He is one of a kind. He went above and beyond for me to make my logo. Over the weekend i was scammed for a logo. So i was very skeptical about dealing with another person. AJ made the whole process simple. He was willing to change and update for me as needed. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a logo for yourself. Thank you AJ.

         Also I started a group on facebook          "Growing Cannabis in Upstate NY" please join and help support it.

4/9/22 Update: I have been working hard to bring new genetics to Happy Plantz and I have done just that. I would like to give a huge shout-out to In-Tent Genetix, Little House Genetics and Underground Genetics for giving me the opportunity to bring your products to the front lines. I am still working to secure one more tomorrow.


4/29/22 Update: Today we will be welcoming to the family. We are going live with the next month promotion and will be up and running again on Facebook very soon. I have added AC Infinity information for anyone interested.

Also Discount Codes:

VLAB Vape products 10% OFF use HAPPYPLANTZ

AC Infinity if you have an Order greater than $500 US please send me a personal message. I can have the order drop shipped from AC Infinity with a 20% discount. Orders Greater than $1000 I can get you 25% off.

Anyone willing or wanting to donate to help support Happy Plantz or myself there is a button on the bottom of the page. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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